Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Bishop of Rockford revisited

Irish America at its best:
St Brigid altar,
St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York
He may lack tact but Scott Richert says he doesn’t fit the negative Irish stereotype and is ‘one of the good guys’

Really wonderful news, for which thanks. It helps me form a fair view of the man.

But I’ll repeat Paul Goings’ questions:

Because of him is there any public recitation of the office? (Old or new — I assume ‘old’ at the Institute of Christ the King’s oratory.)

Sunday Vespers?

I don’t see it announced at St Mary’s Oratory. (Not that I’m not happy they’re there.)

A traditionalist showplace is nice but how are things at the cathedral? If the restoration isn’t diocesewide such things only seem condescending, perhaps part of a bait-and-switch.

As Joe Oliveri wrote here:
All too often it seems like trads are merely tolerated as "ethnological curiosities."
When in fact they are smack in the middle of the historic Catholic mainstream.

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