Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bush isn’t making us any safer
Time to stir up the proles with hairspray hysteria

War talk with Dr Oxymoron

‘Reproductive rights’
By which the left doesn’t mean a right to reproduce (which, along with the means of so doing, actually isn’t a right but something only responsible people should do) but in the looking-glass world of Working Assets, the investment for people trying to be charitable, murdering babies* is the caring thing to do (the Bishop of Rockford wins that argument)

From the mixed bag that is Working for Change, or ‘any of this blog’s political alliances, with the left or the right, are only provisional’.
People ask if I’m a Communist. I tell them I’m something more dangerous: I am a Catholic.
- Martin Sheen, who’s wrong about abortion but this is still a great quotation

*‘Rape and incest’: murdering babies for what their fathers did.

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