Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
On the perils of poorly positioned popular sacramentals
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Mass we go...

This simply screams to be re-created in Photoshop or something like it.

Actually not too different from some monasteries I dare say. :)

I must say that iconography lends itself less well to this sort of thing.

John O’Sullivan is blogging again! Gaudent angeli.

An epilogue to that Da Vinci nonsense
Sub-editor’s note: they damaged the stone walls and an organ pipe, not the window, thank heaven

I agree that Dan Brown should pay the bills.

From The Waffling Anglican.

++Cantuar doesn’t seem to understand the Orthodox
This issue


He seems to be saying, ‘Just wait for now, America... I’ll talk and talk as I am now and eventually those backward people will come around’.

Fr John Whiteford has a point; it does sound Pythonic. The British trying to be British about in-your-face error. The virtue of tolerant conservatism (see this blog’s sidebar) gone off the rails.
No... the rest of Christendom is not saying this is something that you must talk about. They're saying that you have departed from Christian tradition.
And only one question earlier in the same interview he got it right:
I don't believe inclusion is a value in itself...
All are welcome in a Catholic church but it’s there to change you and not the other way round, and some things are non-negotiables. Alas. Then again everybody knows he’s personally liberal in his views.

To the Catholic world, as an earlier ++Cantuar, Michael Ramsey, understood, the faith, morals and all, is a package deal. To change one part of it and still claim orthodoxy, as it seems Rowan Williams is trying to do separating doctrine from morals, is a splodge ruining the whole picture, as his predecessor described the Orthodox reaction to such things, be they Protestant reductions, limiting oneself to what’s explicitly in scripture, or Broad Church negations and additions.

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