Monday, August 28, 2006

How schools shortchange boys
Reminds me of one of the worst jobs I ever had, starting out on my own — as the only man in the back room of a library

From LRC.

Rod Dreher’s take on Michael Noer
And mine: strong, intelligent women are sexy. God made them that way. But all the world’s wisdom, Christian and other, says that at the end of the day even the strongest want somebody stronger they can fall back on to take care of them if they need it. (The real meaning of headship, not power for its own sake or abuse.)

So, like sex, marriage and having children, if you can’t handle the results and thus have no right to do them, bear your cross but don’t begrudge those who can... like successful career women.

Incidentally, the opposite of the library fiasco, a couple of the best, most decent people I’ve worked with and for were older women who took time out to rear children, then went back to their careers (in journalism).

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