Thursday, August 17, 2006

My field guide to Anglican churchmanship
Talking to Fr Deacon Steve Hayes in South Africa

Spiritual tools for the ‘with-it’ churchman
Having spent the week working with these new tools, one may feel the need to renew the soul. The traditional Bible, however, contains many passages that cause discomfort and trouble for the seeker. The new Bible has all such passages removed. Unlike the cumbersome old Bible, it is easy to carry, can fit easily into a shirt pocket and can be gone through in minutes.
Thomas Jefferson beat you to it. I like his politics but not his religion!

From The Waffling Anglican.

A look at the kind of church that Novus Ordo-proofed me for life
Ironically this example is a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church that like much of that denomination has Anglicanised and high-churchified itself* but the pictures get the point across. It’s the Pius XII Vatican compared to much of what’s out there now!

Though adding to the irony the short chancel without choir stalls and the carpeted sanctuary make it look even more like an RC parish of yore or SSPX chapel today than what I came from.

I’ve seen old-school, real Reformed Episcopal: the rector in a black academic gown for preaching and the Communion table (they wouldn’t ever call it an altar; that would be scandalously popish!) about the size of a tea-trolley. A trip back in time to much of Anglicanism pre-mid-C19.

From An Anglican Cleric.

*And ‘Reformation’ types had no use for St Thomas à Becket, one of this blogger’s heroes speaking truth to power like another archbishop, Oscar Romero, did centuries later.

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