Tuesday, August 15, 2006

O tempora, O mores
Get the state out of the marriage business but point taken

And a glimpse of a merry old England largely unknown today:
Compare the Church of England’s abject surrender to the time-spirit with the spirit of times past that still prevails in the quiet English village of Great Dunmow. For more than nine hundred years, the ancient tradition of the Dunmow Flitch has been honoured in this corner of Essex, in which married couples appear before a counsel and jury to prove that they have honoured their marital vows steadfastly and that they remain truly devoted to each other. The victorious couple are carried through the town on a special chair and presented with the “flitch”, a salted and cured side of bacon. One wonders how much longer such a healthy tradition can be maintained before it is condemned by the local Anglican vicar as an archaic remnant of a society that discriminated between marital fidelity and fornication.
With people’s moral compasses as wonky as they are now, which is more offensive to the politically correct, the virtues of marriage (including heterosexuality) or eating a rasher or three of bacon? After all ‘meat is murder’ (but apparently abortion is not). The recent interest in nutrition and fitness is of course good (people are now radiant and sexy well into what used to be middle age) but I adhere to the ‘eat what I want, be truly thankful and pray I die in the state of grace’ diet.

From First Things.

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