Friday, August 25, 2006

Pope sacks Vatican astronomer
And rightly — the issue AFAIK isn’t evolution but that Fr Coyne’s a Modernist; not the same things!

I’ve no problem at all with theistic evolution; the Bible’s not a science text. The point is God did it and gave man a soul making him in his image and unlike the animals; how he did it isn’t really important.

Speaking of Modernists it’s worth remembering that George Tyrrell was a jingoistic Tory like Disraeli; the ‘reactionary, mediævalist’ Anglo-Catholics*, for example, cared about social justice, a reason why such Tories hated them. (I reckon the latter among the ancestors of today’s neocons, though that movement started out as Marxist.) I understand men like John A.T. Robinson (at least before he got his faith back) had no problem with apartheid; after all it was the modern way. (Nor did Teilhard de Chardin with Nazism, speaking of evolution.)

*With a couple of new links for your reading pleasure.

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