Thursday, August 24, 2006

Russia has paid off its Soviet foreign debt whilst the US is deeper in the hole
Scroll down to read. Russia did this thanks to the price of oil. Ну хорошо — я рад, что, покупая бензин от Лукойла, могу помогить Россию.

US government approves ‘morning-after’ pill
The one Mr Bush approved of

Too little, too late
Now Mr Bush admits Iraq was nothing to do with 9/11

He killed all those Iraqis and people like Cindy Sheehan’s son, caused the death of Margaret Hassan and sent that country reeling into chaos and probably a Muslim revolution very soon — for nothing. How does he sleep at night? More to the point, how do his minders?

‘The world’s worst Internet laws’ are sneaking through the US Senate
Bye-bye, freedom of speech

From Brian Underwood.

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