Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Russian Church supports conservative Episcopal bishops
Спаси, Господи, люди твоя, и благослови достояние твое...
The letter expresses a willingness to restore contacts with those Episcopalians who “remain faithful to the gospel’s moral teachings.”
Слава Богу!
...newly elected presiding bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori... is widely seen as an ultra-liberal and a theological revisionist. My own reading of some of her statements and some of the public prayers she has uttered suggest that she is not far removed from Unitarianism.
For fairness’ sake:

From what little I’ve read she’s wrong on the gay thing and her holding the job she does is itself a rejection of the entire Catholic world but one can argue that she hasn’t literally said anything heretical lately: as Charley Wingate told me ‘Mother Jesus’ comes from the very sound Julian of Norwich (who wrote a disclaimer before writing that) and the ‘Jesus is Lord?’ issue could have been a sensible, un-Feeneyite statement that the unbaptised aren’t hellbound. But connotatively the heretical senses probably were what she meant.
Perhaps there might be some effort to bring some of these disaffected conservatives back into Orthodoxy. The Antiochian Archdiocese has an active Western Rite Vicarate. Let us pray!
I’ll interrupt this crowing for the following message...

St Tikhon a century ago wasn’t hostile to Anglo-Catholics. What he envisaged was corporate reunion with the whole Anglican Communion in which the latter not only could be received economically in their orders but essentially (with a few de-protestantising tweaks) retain their rite.

As that communion has gone in a rather different direction that will never happen. Alas.

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt via Ad Orientem.

Update: More from The Living Church.

P.S. Just noticed after all these years that my Slavonic books printed by the Orthodox don’t capitalise words except at the beginning of sentences whilst those that come from Rome do. Unlike the Book of Common Prayer and like much modern printing in English the latter capitalise not only proper names but all pronouns referring to God and sometimes to Mary as well.

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