Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Evangelicals and the Christian right, and a bit on evolution
From old sparring partner Fr Jake. The com-box predictably is going on about homosexuality. A few points from this end:

• I’ve praised the historic peace witness, concern for social justice and distrust of the military from evangelicals such as William Jennings Bryan. Very different to the right today, which is Randall Balmer’s point.
• There’s actually continuity between the meddling and attacks on freedom of the 19th-century Protestants and the neocons (who are really a kind of liberal). ‘We Methodists know what’s good for you’ said Hillary Clinton. Like Mr Bush’s minders know what’s best for the Near East. And look what a smashing success Prohibition was and the War on Drugs still is.
• The market is the friend of freedom and peace not its enemy.
• As I like to say, quoting Chesterton, liberals are right about the world’s problems but wrong about the solution.
• Theistic evolution? No problem!

Incidentally I don’t think Fr Jake will mind my mentioning that in an e-mail exchange I sent him ‘On making apologetical points — or not’, the story of Fr Amphilochios, and he liked it as much as I did.

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