Tuesday, September 12, 2006

‘I am not my sin’
The authentic Catholic position on homosexuality, another take on the matter that answers blog reader Tim J.’s recent challenge to Robert Cooper on it (and reinforces one of Cooper’s points). It’s not perfect — I question the charismagelical psychology that says weak relationships with fathers and lack of interest in conventionally masculine stuff cause homosexuality — but pretty good. (Writer Steven Robinson also rightly criticises ‘change therapy’.) From Oh Taste and See.
The Church is only concerned with who you are becoming in Christ through the practice of the virtues, regardless of your besetting sin.
And tolerant conservatism (see the definition in this blog’s sidebar to the right) understands that we often fall short — that’s what confession and absolution are for.
We all grow up fractured and broken. We grow up with a warfare within us that we did not choose, but which was given to us.

People with SSA
[same-sex attraction] are seeking the same thing every human being is desperate for: intimacy, unconditional acceptance, to love and be loved.

[They] are not the only people in the world “doomed” to abstinence as a lifestyle against their choice and desires... neither is celibacy hell.

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