Thursday, September 28, 2006

Neither a borrower nor a lender be
Britons are Europe’s biggest debtors

English churches are shrinking slightly more slowly than was thought
It is interesting that the only English churches maintaining themselves or growing are those with a high view of scripture and of Christian morality and behavior. In the meantime, the dying churches continue to try to attract the uninterested by chasing after the culture. No one ever seems to realize that a church which doesn't call you to a different life isn't a church that calls you to bother getting up on Sunday mornings. It's almost as if God has sent upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false. Wait a minute; I could swear I've read that someplace...
Also from The Waffling Anglican:

Winning the culture war by natural selection
Which group marries and has children? Something the Muslims probably have twigged by now. To be fair, though, not everybody who can’t marry is a freak or a selfish git, something at least assumed in parts of the right, which can be ‘judgemental’ indeed. (News to Protestants: some shouldn’t marry.) The blogger is entirely right about the consequences of trying to defy nature but the Catholic world has a place for the people many consider freaks*, from saints like Catherine of Siena (a Dominican tertiary who never lived in a convent, she was a spinster who lived with her parents), Benedict Joseph Labré and the wandering странники and паломники of tsarist Russia (The Way of a Pilgrim) to the marginalised and just plain unlucky (Matthew 19:12). The church has a place for those who neither fit into bourgeois society nor are true monastics. Worthless to the world perhaps but not really worthless.
If we obey God it doesn’t matter what our sexual orientation is ... we have a place in the kingdom of God.
- Florine Deever

As a century worth (late C19-early C20) of ritualist slum priests (possibly including the Russian Orthodox St John of Kronstadt) can attest.

The homosexualists accuse Catholics and others of wanting to persecute them based on the latter when the real issue is they are railing against the former.

*Perhaps among the ‘unwanted lives’ the ‘pro-choice’ people occasionally admit to wanting to kill. The real face of the left.

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