Saturday, September 23, 2006

On the religious left and more on faith and reason
From the Revd Tripp Hudgins

Speaking of the former, Reverend Ref, I read Dr George Regas’ sermon from nearly two years ago (.pdf file) and my long comment in Tripp’s entry linked above is essentially my answer. I agree with you that it’s wrong and hypocritical for the state to harass All Saints’ for the sermon whilst giving Pat Robertson and other pro-Bush people a free pass.

But Dr R is likewise wrong and hypocritical on abortion. He preached:
But remember — the killing of innocent people to achieve some desired goal is morally repudiated by anyone claiming to follow me as their saviour and guide.
But goes on to say these chilling things disguised as charity to women: do not have the right in this diverse, pluralistic society to force your beliefs and opinion on others. Nor does the President of the United States. There can never be a just law requiring uniformity of behavior on the abortion issue.

I’m not pro-abortion but pro-choice.
So why are there laws against murder? ‘If Mr Jones kills Mr Smith because Mr S is of a race Mr J considers less than human, who are we to force our beliefs and opinions on him?’
There is something vicious and violent about coercing a woman to carry to term an unwanted child. To force the unwanted on the unwilling, to use a woman’s body against her will and choice, is morally repugnant.
The Nazis thought in terms of ‘unwanted children’ as well.

I simply do not see a ‘sensitive conscience’ nor Christianity here.

It also violates the harm principle (harm no-one, or my freedom ends where your hurt begins) of libertarianism and of neo-paganism.

The obvious point: ‘unwanted children’ are ‘innocent (but inconvenient and politically incorrect) people’.
Jesus now speaks to all of us. “I need you to share with me the healing of all life.”
That includes unwanted life.

He’s right, though, that Mr Bush’s minders aren’t really interested in stopping abortions as Dr Stassen’s statistics show. They’re simply trying to play the conservative Christian voters with that.

And as part of the religious left he sees the very state that’s trying to persecute him as the solution to the world’s problems!

He is spot-on about the war on Iraq and on the nuclear bomb. (Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, defender of the Roman Mass, wanted Vatican II to condemn the latter!)

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