Saturday, September 16, 2006

On the row over the Pope’s statement
From Samer al-Batal:

Context given by Fr Samir Khalil Samir

Provisional text of Benedict XVI’s lecture (PDF file)

My take: By quoting Byzantine Emperor Manuel II, who knew a thing or two about dealing with Islam, he didn’t do anything wrong. As regular readers here know I can be sincerely sympathetic to Muslims and Islam, not demonising them and acknowledging their kinship as an Abrahamic faith, actually an offshoot (non-Christian) of Eastern Christianity as St John Damascene, an Arab himself, noted. But just like the Pope stands up for Catholic truth on this and on peace in Iraq and the rest of the Near East he stands up for it here stating that Islam is not entirely true.

Then there’s the irony, like after the furore dodgily stirred up by months-old Danish cartoons, of Muslims reacting to accusations of being violent with... violence. You’re being played.

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