Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On ‘serial Cyprianism’
Charley Wingate on dancing from true church to true church

As the Orthodox say, ‘we know where the church is but do not say where it is not’. ‘Subsistit in’ (to give Vatican II credit), or the visible and mystical churches are neither exactly co-terminous (the opinion of Catholics from St Cyprian to Fr Leonard Feeney but not Catholic doctrine) nor mutually exclusive! (Not at all the same as indifferentism.)

Brother Thomas writes:
The serial Cyprianite... expects the institution of the church to be perfect...
The Catholic Church is infallible and indefectible but its people are not. (In plain English: sinless church, sinful people.) As he says it’s like the hypostatic union, the sinless and sinful mystically united, like true God and true man united in one person: the paradox of God almighty becoming a man capable of being mortally wounded on earth.

Charley also notes:
Someone over in GetReligion has invented the political unit of "Fubaristan", which from a news reporting point of view is a perfect coinage. I (among others) am jealous.

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