Monday, September 04, 2006

When blog responses between [Roman] Catholics and Orthodox exceed 50 light has ceased to be shed.
- Fr Stephen Freeman
I was also investigating Roman Catholicism. I don’t have to go into much detail explaining my relationship to [Roman] Catholicism. It is my opinion that that great church has suffered a great deal in the last 40 years, and that she is just now coming out of a very difficult period in her history...

This was even stranger in that the pope at that time was that great, good, and faithful man, John Paul II. Faithful
[Roman] Catholics explained to me that the [Roman] Catholic Church had passed through a period directly after Vatican II in which the old cobwebs had been swept out, but then was replaced by the worst of liberal Protestantism. The priests in the [Roman] Catholic Church were, if they were over 50, and most of them were, they were products of this environment... The [Roman] Catholic Church, though, is the sleeping giant of Christendom. When she recovers her true self, reunion with the Orthodox and the reconstitution of the Great Church [Catholic] will rapidly ensue. Nevertheless, after my fifth or sixth Mass, though, [Roman] Catholicism as it is currently practiced in this country ceased having any appeal to me.
- The writer called Mule, who is anything but a jackass, in a long, wrenching spiritual autobiography

Natural religion is conservative
Not news to the Orthodox, who aren’t slated for it because they’re still small and foreign enough in the West not to be taken seriously there (not that that’s right!)
In the time I have spent with the Dakota Indians their resistance to liturgical change was obvious to me. Their devotion to the Dakota translations of the worst nineteenth-century Gospel hymns and the reverence they hold for the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, an ideological expression of a culture utterly alien and recently overtly hostile to them, can appear absurd. I have visited churches, where the cast-off stoles of some eastern parish of fifty years ago are treated with a profound reverence that could appear excessive to some. Yet there are no people in the church who better live the principal [sic] of sensibility to the archaic.
- Urban Holmes

Maybe they knew better and clung to these things because they’re not ‘absurd’ nor ‘ideologically hostile to them’ but transcend secular history and ideology and are objective and Godward whilst modern liberal religion is not. People from a traditional culture ‘get it’.

- Dances with Wolves The young fogey

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