Friday, September 08, 2006

Russian Orthodox-ROCOR reunion talks given green light
Слава Богу! From Brian Underwood.

LRC’s Jeffrey Tucker on annoying converts (and being one of them)
Not perfect as I point out but he makes a lot of good points, and to be fair he’s also part of the blog The New Liturgical Movement which supports the traditionalism of the Christian East

Arturo Vasquez points out that mainstream RCs don’t:
Any liturgical, spiritual, or theological treasure Rome had was either thrown out the window or is now kept in the basement. (I should know, I have been to many liturgical basements.) If the [Roman] Catholic and Orthodox Churches united tomorrow, why go to Divine Liturgy every Sunday when you can go to St. Anne's Catholic Community down the road and only spend an hour in church instead of three or four? If you don't do things the same, you aren't the same. That's just the way it is. If anything, Orthodoxy would just become one more corner in the Roman liturgical storage area: the people with the "funny-looking Mass."
Which is exactly what happened to the Byzantine Catholic churches (along with largely self-latinisation) and no traditionalist who knows better wants.
One thing I heartily agree with is the sentiment that the Church of the future will be small and strange. (Was it Flannery O'Connor who said, "the truth will make you odd"?) The whole urge of professional ecumenists to get us all in the Big Tent as soon as possible is very odd to me. "Ut unum sint" (that they all may be one) was not a command. Even if we take the Vulgate (sorry, I do not yet know Greek), the verb is in the subjunctive; it is a wish, not a command. What is commanded is that we hold fast to what has been handed down to us, that we presevere in our Faith to the end, and that we love one another. Anything that is not contained in these things is not urgent. It is not urgent that we have the same CEO on the masthead of our Christian "corporations", it is not urgent that we have the exact same press releases, and it is not urgent that we look organized, efficient, and effective as an organization. Maybe "unity" in the form we want it is not ours to seek, but rather God's to give. If we cannot receive it, it is because we are sinful. Just leave it at that.
Here’s more from Charley Wingate on the second part.

P.S. Being up on the rubrics ≠ überfrommity.

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