Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Tories step back from the special relationship
It was, after all, not only a most unconservative war, dreamt up by doctrinaire zealots lacking the traditional Tory virtues of scepticism and common sense; it was also, if one happens to be English, a most unpatriotic war. Blair staked his career on supporting Bush, and got absolutely nothing in return.
It’s just as unpatriotic for the Americans.

And another from The Guardian:

The creepy court of Henry VIII
An open and notorious evil liver, and his court reflected that, but never a Protestant

Arturo Vasquez and I (here) disagree on admiring Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley. Exalting conscience above truth, as the modern C of E and Episcopalians seem to have done putting both these men and the Catholic martyrs in their kalendars, actually insults the courage on both sides: relativistic and condescending. But of course that exaltation only applies today, according to Modernists/revisionists, if you’re misusing conscience to go against reason, that is, objective reality, not standing in the faith once delivered, as shown in the fulminations of Fr Jake’s fans (more) or the rather arrogantly named Thinking Anglicans. (I imagine the Catholic martyrs, long safely dead, are considered quaint if a bit un-ecumenical.)

People have the right to be wrong (and as a classical liberal I’ll defend that right as Voltaire is wrongly thought to have said) but are still wrong, and the faith (not just Jiminy Cricket) does say conscience is your guide but a well-formed conscience, that is, one that tries to follow what is objectively right, which the teachings of the church are.

Getting back to the theme of politics of fear and hatred, from LRC:

The enemy is us
The legal climate Mr Bush’s minders want
Jorge Sánchez on the torture bill
Something from The Onion

Swedish gender feminism flops politically
Marxism applied to the sexes
Huw Raphael and me (scroll down) on why the churches go on so about sex. A correction to what I wrote: the first sin of course was about pride not (as popularly believed) sex.

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