Sunday, September 10, 2006

A virtual 9/11 memorial
From Todd via Huw Raphael

I said at the time there should be a Peace Park there with an eternal-flame monument. And I like the main picture: of peace officers, many of whom died trying to save the others (for which Fr Mychal Judge will be remembered). This has the right interfaith look for all who were killed that day. It also looks a little like the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

A couple of stories
Fr George Rutler AFAIK disagrees with me on ‘the Muslim menace’ but as a priest in Manhattan lived through the aftermath of the attack there. In the street he found himself surrounded by Catholic firemen who wanted to make their confessions before going into the World Trade Center. He gave them a battlefield-style general absolution, the right thing to do according to the circumstances, and into the burning towers they went...

Acquaintance Marina Belica who lives in SoHo borrowed some binoculars and when she looked at the towers saw a man, faced with either burning to death or falling, swan-dive off a ledge...

Five years on
The causes/motives of the attacks, that is, the reasons parts of the world don’t love the American empire, haven’t been addressed and if anything are even bigger problems, going from putting soldiers in Saudi Arabia (what got Osama bin Laden angry) in order to fight pointless Gulf War I to starting Gulf War II, invading and occupying a secular country nothing to do with the attacks, and supporting an unfair Israeli attack on the Lebanon.

So, Mr ‘Dead or Alive’ posing in a fighter pilot’s work clothes (remember ‘Mission accomplished’?), where is bin Laden?*

Dona eis requiem sempiternam. Jesu, mercy; Mary, pray.

*Daithí Mac Lochlainn is a World Trade Center survivor.

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