Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The war is lost
Surprise! The Sunnis would rather fight than hand Iraq over to the Shi’ites, but whatever happens, the right thing to do is quit the country. Now. Even old CIA shill Bill Buckley is talking sense about this.

Karen Kwiatkowski on Bush’s and Rumsfeld’s speeches

The crap economics of ‘Star Trek’

This was explained to me ages ago. Gene Roddenberry was also nastily anti-religious (the kind of chap who finds atheism a perfect cover to cheat on his wife, plagiarise and generally be vicious) which showed in the stories. Look at it (eyebrow raise) logically and you’ll find that the good guys in his make-believe world (obviously really the Great Society, Cold War US and its military in the 1960s Captain Kirk version) weren’t. They were... totalitarian. One of the last times I saw this I found the party-hearty, hard-drinking post-nuke apocalyptic characters freer and more fun than the ‘Trek socialist men and women’. That and the newly discovered aliens stepping off the spacecraft speaking English told me I’d grown up some time back and gone off this stuff.

From LRC.

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