Monday, September 11, 2006

What motivates suicide terrorists?
It isn’t Islam

Number of religious people in US underreported

Church in Odessa returned to Russian Orthodox


Old Believers meet in Vinnytsia for world conference

‘A Christian Buddhist agnostic’
From Daithí Mac Lochlainn. More from the Broad Church fringe though this is really nothing new. (Not to be confused with acknowledging the truth in other religions.) For ages now we’ve been hearing Westerners talk up some Asian religion or other but not actually join it adopting all of its beliefs or its disciplines (unlike Fr David Hart). This has turned into ‘spiritual but not religious’. The writer probably remembers when this sort of thing was considered extremely cool, as in ‘guh-roovy’.

I’ll let Fr Wilson in on something: many (most?) kids are not impressed.

Did you know...
That for the feast of the birth of Mary, the antiphon at Second Vespers in the Roman Breviary is the same as the Byzantine Rite (Orthodox) troparion for the feast?

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