Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another back-handed good sign on the Roman Mass
The English RC left on the French RC left getting into a state about it. Much about the anti-Semitic and fascist ties...
"Tradition" here means lace, soutanes and mantillas; the old catechism and the priest turning from the faithful to face the altar and God. It stands for fortress Church, a bulwark against a corrupt world, as distinct from the Church of the Second Vatican Council, that seeks to engage with the world.
Mr Crispin is either lying or being obtuse. So the Anglo-Catholic ritualist slum priests, who gladly did or promoted those things, and Dorothy Day, who believed in it all (and wore a mantilla), weren’t engaged with the world. Would have been news to them. (Flip side: nobody needed the council to engage with the world.)

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