Saturday, October 14, 2006

The intellectual suicide of Western liberalism
Philip Blosser on the Regensburg speech, or Modernism is self-refuting. No more a call to attack Muslims than the speech itself, it simply points out that truth is not relative, something the Catholic intellectuals of the early C20 taught in their battle with the Pragmatists even as they selectively applied Progressive methods (nobody asked for nor needed aggiornamento). From Sacramentum Vitæ.

On a related note LRC’s William Anderson slates Duke University for its treatment of the rape trial involving some students. The PC of course are in a sense trust-fund babies living off the capital of Christianity: every old-school priest or academic I’ve known in two and a half decades has hated racism, needless violence (which gives you the main point of this blog) and unchastity (not to be confused at all with being anti-sexuality!) as much as these profess to hate at least the first two. (Regarding their take on the last Murray Rothbard had something to say.) Nor do I sympathise with mainstream society’s obsession with sport. That said, whilst the ex-Duke laxmen may not be nice guys (which of course shouldn’t put you in jail) reality seems a casualty here.

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