Thursday, October 19, 2006

Iraq’s Christians flee as extremist threat worsens
That again. What Bush’s minders have wrought, in a country that was a dictatorship but a secular one where Christians could practise. From Samer al-Batal who writes:
Sheikh Ra`d Mutar Saaleh, religious head of the Mandæans, has also been murdered recently in Iraq by gunmen.
Bush admits Iraq is like Vietnam

Republicans’ popularity lowest in 14 years

New Jersey: Bob Menendez is a credible default choice
He’s a statist, probably corrupt and wrong on pro-life issues but functionally so’s the other side. And he held his own recently against Tom Kean Jnr in a radio debate. He’s opposed the war on Iraq all along like anybody with any sense and also was against Bush’s attempted Dubai ports deal.

Democrats seize on Iraq as central issue
I still don’t trust them but they’ve got my attention

Looking for scapegoats
Can you do this in an undeclared war? Search the blog for ‘RIP Iva Toguri’ to read the sad story of the American who wasn’t really Tokyo Rose.

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