Thursday, October 12, 2006

Media bias in covering the possible liberation of the Roman Mass? No!
‘Reform’ has a good connotation so anybody who’s against it must be a big blue meanie, right? From GetReligion.
There are, I imagine, few high-Mass Catholics in the typical newsroom.
The big change would be removing bishops on the left from the decision-making process.
As great as local episcopal independence is in principle (a big argument the Orthodox make, and for them it works because there’s no Protestantism and certainly no Modernism among them like in the West) this would be a good move. The Pope is really the Patriarch of the West so it’s arguably his right. Better still it’s not an arbitrary use of power but restoring immemorial custom (a rule Eastern and Western) where it’d been unjustly suppressed. And if Rome vets all those appointments, why are there Modernist bishops anyway? After all, John Paul the Overrated brought you Roger Mahony (and gave him a red hat!) and his ugly cathedral* in LA.

*To be fair, the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy also seems to have one of the world’s ugliest cathedrals.

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