Sunday, October 15, 2006

More personal freedom in... the American South
That’s right, the red states and not the blue, hip North-East, says a conservative Christian. (She probably means the South today not historically for blacks.) The difference between Christian-based tolerant conservatism and political correctness.
CP: The Northeastern idea of the South is of a very conformist, rigid place, but that's not how you talk about it at all.

NF: There's definitely a different perception. In the South, in terms of the laws, there's more freedom. ... When I went to Philadelphia, it wasn't a place with unbridled freedom because they expected me to conform to their standards. You live so close together, it's hard to avoid conflict, but in the South you can be kind of a rare bird ... You've got more room to live and you're not constantly in conflict with people. People aren't making you be what they are.

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