Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not a ‘fear the druids’ rant
Halloween: more fun than Harvest Sunday and of course better than lighting firecrackers to spite the Pope. Some say it’s more popular with adults now in the States as a substitute for ‘the holidays’ (Christmas and Hanukkah) in a more secular age but I don’t think the de-Christianised sentiment-and-retail-sales-fest Xmas is really on the wane. (Fine with me: leave out the money and the guilt and I’m a kid; I still love it*.)

I like what local radio star Michael Smerconish said of bowdlerised parties with national costumes and no scary-fun stuff: please; that’s as a bad as a ‘holiday tree’. It’s really the church’s day and season (the Vigil of All Saints and a foreshadowing of All Souls) so reclaim and enjoy it! So the white lights surrounding my front windows will come on for the first time this season and the local kids will get peanut-butter cups from me.

*How can I object to a season when even hard-shell Protestants acknowledge the Incarnation in its fulness including Mary as the Mother of God and display statues of Jesus and Mary?

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