Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November 1956
Ike enforced the Communist takeover of half of Catholic Europe in 1945 after Yalta (thanks, FDR: socialism at home, war and Communism abroad) and did nothing for the Hungarian freedom fighters (a tough one like Darfur but I’m still isolationist without apology) but at least stood up to Israel and defended Arab rights (can you imagine an American president doing that now?)

‘Over to you’: it had been true since World War I drove Britain into debt (which is why the dismantling of the empire began) but by 1956 everybody realised the centre of Western power had shifted across the Atlantic.

The third and final act?
Military expert William Lind on what may happen next in the Near East. I still say ‘Saigon-like victory in Baghdad for Teheran-like government’.

From antiwar.com.

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