Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Onward, moderate Christian soldiers
Good points:
Our difference concerns the extent to which government should, or even can, translate religious beliefs into the laws of the state.

People of faith have the right, and perhaps the obligation, to bring their values to bear in politics.
Many conservative Christians approach politics with a certainty that they know God’s truth...
Knowing God’s truth! What cheek. What’s that to do with Christianity? (Perhaps Fr Danforth could have saved the church fathers and councils a lot of bother.) Latitudinarianism and Broad Churchmanship... Quid est veritas? Never mind; just shut up and obey the king even if he’s pushing heresy.

(But of course nobody on this earth knows all of the truth.)
...and that they can advance the kingdom of God through governmental action.
We agree here that they’re wrong. So is the religious left like Sojourners* (likewise relativistic though well-intentioned) for the same reason.

From Speaking of Faith.

*Hooray for the peace message there.

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