Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The right and wrong approaches to mission
From The Scrivener via The Ochlophobist

As I was saying...

And a word from St Ignatius via the Revd James Konicki.

Schmemann was cool but you have to read him in the context of his tradition. Cabasilas on the Divine Liturgy is a good counter-balance to help you do that.

Also, Owen on mission statements:
The Ochlophobist’s Rule #129: Mission Statements are for persons and institutions whose personal or corporate character and function is determined by bureaucratic fiat. Mission Statements employ, by necessity, committeespeak. Bureaucracies and committees are contrary to the life of both the Church and the human. The Holy Spirit does not inspire them, and Christ never used committees or cooperated with bureaucracy (“My Kingdom is not of this world” is Christ’s short dismissal of the means and ends of bureaucracy). Therefore, Mission Statements are to be avoided at all costs, and people who advance them should be politely teased, or, if necessary, slapped.

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