Saturday, November 18, 2006

Analysing American history and culture(s) through four groups of British immigration
Were the War of Independence and US Civil War simply continuations of the war between the Cavaliers and Roundheads?

The Celtic part makes some sense as Devon and Cornwall were the first parts of England to rebel against the ‘Reformation’:
We will not receyve the new servyce because it is but lyke a Christmas game, but we wyll have our old service of matens, Masse, evensong and procession ... as it was before.
(Besides grace and orthodoxy that was partly because back then many Devon and Cornishmen didn’t speak English!)

According to this idea the Celts tended to be Catholic and libertarian whilst the Anglo-Saxons/Danes favoured Puritanism and socialism. (But the Scots of course turned Calvinist!)

Patterns that C19 and early C20 RC immigration didn’t change; rather the newcomers assimilated.

Others such as blogger Drake Adams have similarly described the Scots-Irish heritage of much of the South to explain the red/blue cultural and political divide. (The Scots in the American South did end up much like people in the mother country, a defeated nation looked down upon and providing human fodder for the empire’s wars as so many joined the army.)

An interesting companion read is Joe Sobran’s appreciation of Protestant culture in my religion links.

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