Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Barack Obama milks the American national myth
Actually it’s not that different from John Lennon’s lovely but hateful ‘Imagine’. American liberals have been saying these things for at least 100 years as Thomas Woods points out. Sweep away pesky ‘tribal loyalties’ (‘and no religion too’) and invest all that faith and love into the state, which will usher in the messianic age worldwide. (Look how well it worked in Russia!)

Of course it’s been the American myth ever since Puritanism’s dream of the perfect society naturally segued into the ‘Enlightenment’ but at least the latter had real conservatives (classical liberals) like Edmund Burke.

So no, thank you, Mr Obama.

From Eunomia.

American religious history
By Fr Andrew Phillips. Good points but I’m with LRC on the market (and they explain that the Salamanca school in Spain came up with much of that — it’s not inherently Protestant) and for some balance here is Joe Sobran.

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