Saturday, November 11, 2006

‘Dulce et decorum est’
By Wilfred Owen: a thought both for the day and the war now

‘I survived the trenches — and would never go back’
Jack Davis, interviewed at 107, remembers being a British soldier in WWI

Pope Benedict XV’s peace plan
Along with abominating the conflagration’s bloodiness (which he publicly feared would wipe out all Europe’s young men), he abominated its failure to meet just-war criteria.

...he specifically denounced Wilsonian longings for secular globalism: ‘The coming of a world state is longed for, and confidently expected, by all the worst and most distorted elements — there will inevitably follow
[from such a state] a reign of unheard-of terror.’

...we have Wilson’s own characteristic response to the papal peace note: ‘What does he want to butt in for?’
The reigning Pope opposes the war on Iraq. The neocon (including RC) reaction? Some things never change.

Blessed Charles of Austria, emperor for peace

Taki on the desirability of a Central Powers victory
Palestine would have been better off remaining a distant province of Turkey

Farce and tragedy
From LRC

In addition to the Cenotaph in London many English towns have a prominent monument (you can see one in the background in the first scene of Bridget Jones’ Diary for example) — the war wiped out a generation.

Dona eis requiem.

Happy Martinmas
St Martin renounced the sword. From The Western Confucian. Here’s more from haligweorc.

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