Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fr John Triglio: orthodoxy and collaboration with the people are not mutually exclusive
In fact they naturally go together. Here Father knocks over a mouldy Modernist strawman. (Some of us remember that Catholic principles fuelled the anti-apartheid movement at least in the beginning.) That said I don’t like this site: horribly designed and count me out of the Minutemen and border-fence campaigns, a kind of ‘conservatism’ nothing to do with this blog.

(Obviously a distraction and race-baiting from the neocons among others.)

As for immigration a country’s first obligation is to its own but there should be as few restrictions as possible, only what’s needed for the former, to welcoming all who want to work, which immigrants famously do!

The bit about illiberal liberals does seem to apply to many of Fr Jake’s fans as much if not more than to the crew running mainstream RC institutions.

From The Curt Jester.

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