Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Georgia’s Nato bid irks Russia
Конечно! Of course I’m all for national sovereignty and Georgia — the home both of Stalin and IMO the best wine in the world — has the right to get foreign, non-Russian help for its military but realistically, imperially what’s happening is fairly obvious:
Georgia’s army is leading its country’s charge westwards — towards Nato, and perhaps eventually the European Union.

Its ties with Moscow are being discarded like the spent bullet cases which litter the rifle range.

Lt-Col Alexander Osepaishvili is the brigade’s commanding officer.

“I call this long way, short time,” he told me. “During two years, my brigade has changed. The Georgian military has changed — very big changes,” he explains.

The US Army has sent instructors to drive that change.
Even without the threat as recently as 20 years ago of international Communism* imagine the American reaction if Mr Putin sent military advisers to Mexico to drive it away from US influence. (And a false story like that about the Germans was the excuse to enter World War I.)

As Tripp might put it, I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of satellites and spheres of influence, LRC says as recently as 1935 the US had a plan to wipe out the British including in Canada if they tried to get in the way:

Thinking the unthinkable

*Overrated, an excuse for taking away Americans’ liberty, said Murray Rothbard, who among others predicted rightly that the economic laws it flouted, its own contradictions, would send it crashing down.

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