Thursday, November 23, 2006

Had her big concert on the box in the background as I was fixing my storm windows. Some of the production values were good — the talented dancers, the screens, the lights — but overall it was craptacular, overproduced stuff out of the high point of her career about 15-20 years ago. (Don’t get me wrong: I admit to liking ’80s pop... among other things of course. Of course it was big in England! But I liked grunge too: raw and honest, a healthy move away from the problems with all this.) It was bubble-gum with dancers miming S&M to try to look hip. Does anybody fall for this? Sorry but one 30-year-old baroque synthesiser riff from Abba’s Benny Andersson, played over and over, is more memorable than the attempts to shock.

Donald Clarke had her sussed back in her heyday:
Madonna is not a singer or a dancer or a songwriter, but a ‘performance artist’ who knows how to get the media to manipulate themselves.
Always has been. But as a singer and dancer she’s quite good really (not particularly sexy).

As for the act overall, as Esther herself might say, ‘Feh’.

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