Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Non-Tridentine Western orders of Mass
And a link to not only the main Orthodox liturgy but the others and to several other Eastern liturgies as well (the Coptic one of St Mark, the Qurbana of the Syrian Church and the latinised Chaldean one*). (Traditional Catholicism is not monolithic.) A marvellous resource! Biretta tip to Fr Jim Tucker.

*The ‘pure’ one used by the Assyrian Church, formerly called Nestorian (it turns out they’re not Nestorians), the historic Catholic church of what’s now Iraq, has the oldest Eucharistic canon still in use, and as handed down it has no institution narrative! Chaldean Catholics, descended from former Assyrians who went under Rome, now actually outnumber their parent church and are the biggest church in the country. Before the American invasion Christians had considerable freedom there especially for that part of the world.

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