Sunday, November 26, 2006

Three on the Mass
  • Some thoughts for a Sunday.
  • By his one oblation of himself once offered.
  • Kenneth Ingram: Love, even the love of a particular person, is a continuous force [even though its outward expression is not]. The arts seem to belong to the same order. The majesty of Bach, the splendour of Wagner, the strength of Beethoven, have become in their immortality eternal inheritances. Only at certain moments are their works performed but they are always there...

    The Sacrifice of Calvary... is much more than an isolated historic event. It is part of an eternal activity, reflected once in Palestine, and again manifested in every Mass is no mere commemoration, nor is it simply a service of prayer or praise or ceremony. It is a living incarnation in which Christ becomes present as he was present two thousand years ago at Bethlehem and Calvary. It is nothing less than this. And therefore, at Mass, we tread the sanctuary of the heart of the Catholic Religion.

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