Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A primer on Lebanese politics
By Uri Avnery. These are Samer al-Batal’s antiwar.com picks for today. He wrote all of the following.

Playing with death in Lebanon
Pierre Jumay’yil’s death: miscalculations, benefits, and interests served

In Lebanon, a crisis for Christians
The Lebanese Christian* political blocs in the wake of the latest assassination

*It is more accurate (always in what concerns Lebanon) to remove this codeword and say ‘Maronite’ because unfortunately, as the case happens to be, that is the faction that effectively possesses something of a monopoly on Christian affairs in this country (and theirs is the only patriarch – an important political voice – based in this country). No Christian political za`eem or notable clan head comes from any of the other Christian factions, which officially number around 11.

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