Friday, November 17, 2006

Have not we Catholics, by and large, gone down the road of compromise so far that we can awaken no enthusiasm among the people? That the only thing we can whip up enthusiasm for, in conjunction with the Hearst press, is an anti-Communist crusade? A crusade that utilizes the anti-Christian and Mohammedan concept of a "holy war." A defense of Jesus Christ by bombs, a blood-soaked earth, quick death, hate. A hate that always exists in war despite the unreal and pedantic distinctions of theologians whose love of refinements is equaled only by their ignorance of psychology, of what happens to a man to get him prepared to murder.
- Dorothy Day, 1948

Something echoed about 20 years later by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, head of the Holy Office and defender of the Roman Mass, who wanted the church to condemn the use of nuclear weapons.

From TCR News.

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