Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A seriously dreadful development
Samer al-Batal writes from Beirut:

Another assassination: minister Pierre Jumay’yil shot dead.

A member of one of the very prominent political dynasties of this country is dead and Lebanese are intensely polarised right now politically and perhaps it could be said as factions although Christians are split between both political camps. This, and no surprise here at all given past incidents, couldn’t be more ill-timed (or deliberately timed for those who engineered this) given the crucially sensitive point towards which the internal political situation and currents have been converging recently. This comes at the heels of both the resignation of a number of ministers from the cabinet and of a climaxing in the opposition’s censure against the March 14 government, also in anticipation of impending street protests against the ruling majority and of a pending ratification for an international tribunal in the matter of the Hareeri killing. It would not be surprising to see politicians, true to the nature of their species, milking this for all it is worth. Tomorrow is also this country’s holiday of independence.

Your prayers are again requested, for the sake of this country and its many souls as well as for this man’s repose in the hereafter.

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