Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Talking about the Roman Rite discipline of clerical celibacy
And sloppy journalism (the MSM don’t get religion): a comment from me
As Fr Jim Tucker blogged, if I were trying to discuss this issue and wanted to change the rule, among the last people I’d want representing me are Emmanuel Milingo and George Stallings.
Turkish government acts like it doesn’t understand an academic lecture
And for today, the feast of St Albertus Magnus, a dean of the Schoolmen, here is the Holy Father’s entire Regensburg speech defending the Catholic intellectual tradition including the university

‘Use economics to end world hunger’
Just like that! The Pope can make mistakes. Chesterton said liberals are right about the world’s problems (like injustice and world hunger) but wrong about the solutions; lest the Pope fall into the well-meaning mistakes of the religious left perhaps some reading recommended by these people would help. Here’s something related from LRC.

From the unofficial papal news blog.

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