Sunday, November 12, 2006

What they don’t understand
About traditional Catholicism in general. From Dan Fulton. ‘They’ can mean both Novus Ordo neocons and the general public. The blogger is writing about the Roman Mass in particular.

First off he says what I’ve been saying for years: it’s not about Latin! It’s about truth (orthodoxy), Godwardness and objectivity. Concepts I learnt from Cranmer’s Prayer Book (even though Cranmer himself was often wrong). Like the Revd James Konicki I got the benefit of a church in the 1970s that hadn’t changed with the times yet.

Traditionalists are sometimes accused of being historical fantasists, fancying themselves kings in an ideal world, and some live down to that. Seriously, the faith favours no one form of secular government. Truth simply is. If a government of the people best serves that truth, wonderful. Likewise if a small kingdom does the job better someplace else.

On the apostolic ministry:
I mention fertility because the traditional expression of the Catholic faith is also fecund; traditional families tend, like many conservative Novus Ordo-going Catholics, to have lots of children. But in my estimation the traditional families are much more likely to have vocations, and in particular, vocations to the priesthood.

This is because their sons are exposed to an unemasculated version of Holy Orders. The priest has not had his role adulterated by the laity. It is a role of wonder, majesty, power, humility - the simple parish priest, not merely a presider, becomes the sacramental high priest, enriched in splendid vestments and gestures of nobility, humbled by genuflections and breast-beating confessions and kisses of the altar, leading the people in prayer and alone entering into the holy of holies as a fitting
alter Christus. His sacramental powers are revered. His duties are inviolable. His example inspires those who assist him at Holy Mass.
Thomas Day balances out that description (we are sacerdotalists — that’s what the blogger is trying to get at — not clericalists, which is how this can come across) by pointing out that the precise rubrics, the vestments and the objectivity of the prayers actually cancel out the priest’s ego.

The road to restoration
By Mgr Ignacio Barreiro

Fear and loathing at Lourdes

False dawn
The Anglican Use in the Roman Catholic Church. Answering Taylor Marshall.
The too-funny thing, to me, is the photograph from S. Cyprian's, Clarence Gate, on the new Pastoral Provision web site (which I believe that Mr Marshall is responsible for). Please, if anyone can tell me where I can find that sort of A.U. operation, let me know immediately! This photograph should go right next to it, for the sake of "truth in advertising."
- Paul Goings

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