Friday, November 17, 2006

What’s really bothering Fr Jake and his fans
A Catholic bishop (‘priest trained at this house’) and his diocese might leave the Episcopal Church, perhaps remaining in the Anglican Communion after so doing (depending on what Lambeth decides?). Here is a letter from him.

Fr Jake seems to realise that most (all?) of the good bishop’s congregations support him and, as in cases of parishes leaving where the competing theologies were flip-flopped, his diocese would keep its church buildings. Which in any case, whether it’s liberals or conservatives leaving, is fair. The diocese usually calls the shots not the parish nor the national church. (In those cases the diocese could be nice and sell the building, even for a token amount, to the leaving parish but legally it doesn’t have to.) As for belonging to TEC whether one is coming or going should make no difference to the court! The former can go right ahead and depose Bishop Schofield and put in a replacement. Makes no difference really.

So why are Fr Jake and his friends in a state? AFAIK +San Joaquin is not their ordinary. I don’t think he has any plans to sic the police or killer bees on them even if he could. Nor do I believe for a minute that they really care in principle about isolated congregations and parishioners in a diocese that’s gone in a direction different to those left behind as their attitude to conservative places and people in those straits shows.

It’s because somebody, somewhere, doesn’t ‘affirm’ what they like to do.

(And for that you must be punished, oh, yes. Naughty bishop!)

The homosexuals I know in real life (all are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church) don’t think like that. They accept that the faith isn’t simply supposed to cater to their desires or else. (Which would be a consumerist and therefore wrong approach to religion, wouldn’t it?)

P.S. The anti-Romanism in Fr Jake’s circle is really gobsmacking in this ecumenical age.

P.P.S. Ever notice that when you comment there agreeing with them on some issue (such as peace) not related to their favourite subject it’s often ignored?

P.P.P.S. I really don’t think somebody who trained at Staggers of all places is trying to persecute people because of orientation!

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