Friday, December 29, 2006

Catching up with Europe :(
Fr Matthew Thurman reports that exactly half of America is now unchurched and asks why his church doesn’t reach out to these people in addition to the already Christian

The way things were
Alexander (Lycurgos), (Greek Orthodox) Archbishop of Syros and Tenos, who visited England in 1869-1870... was given the honorary degree of D.D. at Oxford and was present at the consecration of two Anglican bishops... and... expressed as his opinion that the Church of England was ‘a sound Catholic church very like our own’ and that the two churches would soon be united by friendly discussion.

... any missionary effort in Britain was banned by the Œcumenical Patriarch, who forbade the Proto-Presbyter Timotheos
(an Englishman born Stephen Hatherly) ‘to proselytise a single member of the Anglican Church’.
- Peter Anson

Even if the Anglican Communion hadn’t changed so much more than 100 years on I dare say the good patriarch and archbishop would be cyber-scourged today.

Some other thoughts so far from reading (and thinking about the pathologies, criminal and silly, described in) Bishops at Large:

• Ambrose Phillips de Lisle and Viscount Halifax may well have been saints (which doesn’t mean they were infallible) and if I’d been there and in their social class I might have tried something similar. (This is obviously where Archbishop John Hepworth got some of his ideas.) I don’t agree with Phillips de Lisle’s ahistorical disparagement of using images in English churches... seems a Protestant anachronism; the interiors of Sarum ones were covered with them, murals as well as statues. (P de L was a sarumophile.)
• I think Arnold Mathew may have been on the autistic spectrum... well-meaning, not stupid but foolish, with obscure all-consuming interests like his in zoology as well as church things, guileless and thus easily taken advantage of, like by the criminal ex-RC priests, Modernists like George Tyrrell and Theosophists who shamelessly used him.

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