Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Former tennis star Andrea Jaeger is now an Anglican nun doing charitable work
She retired from the game aged 19 after seven shoulder operations

The saga of the dislocated broken shoulder
Fell six weeks ago. Range of motion is still limited.

A trip to the physical therapists was worth it because they confirmed what I knew, that the arm is still slightly out of place and mustn’t be forced.

The MRI (my first ever) was interesting: I was in a tube for 30 minutes but with headphones listening to MOTR rock, soft lights and some air blowing on my face (to keep the air fresh and the experts know that blowing air in your face keeps the claustrophobic from freaking out). Even got a souvenir CD-ROM of the scans.

The orthopædist I saw was the first one available and not my doctor’s first choice: the second time I saw him he misread my chart (‘so, you hurt it two weeks ago’; ‘no, a month’; ‘oh’), acted like he never even talked to the physical therapists I saw and blew off their warning not to force the arm (he’s a bit prideful: ‘PTs are not surgeons!’). At least the MRI showed what’s wrong: one partially torn ligament and a stress fracture in one bone. (My first known broken bone!) This orthopædist doesn’t think he has to operate (which is usually good news) but it’s my arm and I don’t trust this guy’s judgement so I’m going to somebody else on the 2nd.

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