Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas from A conservative blog for peace
MAGNIFICATUS est * Rex pacificus super omnes reges univérsæ terræ.

COMPLETI sunt * dies Maríæ ut pareret Filium suum primogénitum.

THIS King of peace * exceedeth all the kings of the earth.

THE days of Mary * were accomplished, that she should bring forth her first-born Son.
On that note here is another of the Revd Tripp Hudgins’ great après-Mass reads:

On Mary
Are we called to be imitators of Christ — but we of course are not true God and true man! — or of Mary?

And from the Australian summer Fr Marco Vervoorst notes regarding the often artificial niceness pushed this time of year*:
The Child in the manger asks for my obedience and devotion every day of my life and not just during these few short days when we remember his birth. Our Lady shows us the way: self-giving obedience. The gift which God offers is himself and he asks no less of us.
*The ‘Christmas’ that began early in November and ends at midnight tonight or at best New Year’s, not the one that starts today and goes on until Epiphany.

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