Friday, December 22, 2006

Liberal religion in time of crisis
Rod Dreher and Alan Jacobs on P.D. James:
James seems to be saying that in an overwhelming and incalculable crisis of this kind, liberal theology just simply disappears. People either give up religious hope altogether, and like the majority of people in England try to get what comforts they can from what remains of human existence. Or they turn to a much stricter, more traditional, orthodox, fully supernatural view of religion, a fully supernatural Christianity.
As P.J. O’Rourke put it when times get tough ‘spirituality’ (as in ‘I’m spiritual but not religious’ meaning ‘I love a God I control’) is right out and religion back in.

Alan Henderson observed earlier:
To modern pagans, religion is a means of inner self-actualization — a self-help program. To the ancients, religion is a means of appeasing the powerful and often cruel forces of nature (and of man, as in the case of war) that the gods allegedly controlled, roughly analogous to a small nation appeasing large and dangerous neighboring empires.
One can agree with Schmemann that Christianity is not a religion in that sense but as he put it the fulfilment of the types and shadows that were religion, but the point stands.

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