Thursday, December 28, 2006

The libertarian case against abortion
For Holy Innocents’ Day. From LRC.

A few points:
• It obviously violates the harm principle.
• I’m as against it as many of you are, when asked will try to explain why it’s wrong and want it outlawed for the reasons given here but I realised some time ago that pro-life marches and rallies often are a substitute for religion among their conservative and charismatic-movement Novus Ordo followers (one of the few rallying-points of Roman Catholic identity that’s left... get together, pray the Rosary which of course is good in itself, wave your arms and feel good)... and don’t actually stop abortions.
• Neither major political party intends to stop it so the pols can’t use it to play me.
Medically necessary abortions to save the mother’s life, a rarity especially today, were legal before the late 1960s and are allowed by the church thanks to double effect (the intent is to save the woman rather than have both mother and child die, not to kill the child).
All are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church but pro-abortion pols who receive Communion and try to sell themselves as Catholic for ethnic/class reasons to cadge votes are being sacrilegious. So is inviting the people behind the Iraq war like George W. Bush to speak at RC prayer breakfasts, which it seems at least some pro-lifers have forgotten. Of course they are welcome to attend Mass like anybody else — receiving Communion is a separate issue, which it seems moderns have forgotten.

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