Thursday, December 28, 2006

LRC publisher Burt Blumert on his hate e-mails
...if you tell the truth about the "Great Emancipator" you’re "pro-slavery." If you criticize the neocons, you’re "anti-Semitic." If you disapprove of the religious right, you’re "anti-Christian." If you defend capitalism, you’re a "tool of the Jews." If you oppose forced association, you’re "racist." If you disparage welfare, you’re insensitive and anti-poor. If you undermine the case for government, you’re "a traitor." If you censure the police state, you’re "pro-criminal and pro-terrorist." And if you’re against the long litany of aggressive wars, you should be "strung up" or "shot."
I’ll add ‘if you’re really pro-states’ rights you’re a racist by historical association’.

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